Outreach Food Program FAQ

How can I get Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program Certified Meals?

Cuisine for Healing (CHF) Certified Meals are available at no charge to qualifying low income patients through our Outreach Food Program. Currently, CFH accepts 250% and below on the Federal Poverty Index.  To learn more about qualifying for the Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program, please contact our office at 817.921.2377.

What makes these meals good for me?

Cuisine for Healing Certified Meals have been created to give your body the ultimate in health benefits. They are designed to bolster the immune system, clear the body of toxins and help your body heal faster.

The Cuisine for Healing U.S. Registered Certification Mark certifies that the meals will have no hormones, antibiotics, synthetic or conventional herbicides, synthetic or conventional pesticides, refined sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, MSG, refined oils, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, farm raised fish or soy products. Ingredients used will be organic when possible, as defined by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), and cooking will not include char-grilling, frying or the use of plastics or Styrofoam materials.

For detailed information on health reasons for  Certified Meal guidelines, please click here.

If I qualify, how many meals can I get?

Cuisine for Healing’s Outreach Food Program includes 2 freshly prepared meals per day for each day of the week.

For  program participants, 6 meals (lunch and dinner for 3 days) are prepared fresh and are ready for pick-up or delivery on Tuesday mornings, and 8 meals (lunch and dinner for 4 days) are prepared fresh and ready for pick-up or delivery on Friday mornings.

Are these meals frozen?

No. These are all freshly prepared, delicious, healthy meals.

Can I freeze the meals?

The meals are better for you if they have not been frozen. However, if you need to freeze some of the soups and/or casseroles, please remove all fresh fruits, vegetables and salads from the containers before doing so.

How long does the program last?

Qualifying participants in the Cuisine for Healing Outreach Food Program can receive the service for 4 – 12 weeks at no charge, depending on their health needs.

Are the meals delivered?

A family member or friend can pick up your meals at our office located at 1450 8th Ave in Fort Worth. You can also have a Cuisine for Healing volunteer deliver the meals to your home. Meals are delivered on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Are the packaging materials safe to use in the microwave?

The CFH meals are packaged in containers that do not emit harmful carcinogens when heated in the microwave. All containers are BPA-free. We suggest oven or stove-top reheating, if possible.

Can the packaging be reused or recycled?

All meal packaging can be recycled.

If I do not qualify, can I still get the CFH Certified Meals?

Yes. All of the CFH Certified meals are available for purchase. Click here for details about ordering the meals, or call us at 817.921.2377.