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Superfood of the Week- Coconut

By December 28, 2016Super Foods

The word coconut makes most people think of cute little umbrellas and tropical islands.

When I hear coconut I think detox and replenish! Well- I am a Health Coach after all.

Referred to as kalpa vriksha (Sanskrit for “the tree that supplies all that is needed to live”) in ancient India, the coconut palm has been recognized as a top immune booster. It acts as an antifungal, antibiotic and antibacterial  remedy and has for thousands of years all over the world.

Here are just a few more things coconuts can do for you; lower cholesterol, provide healing hydration, detoxify your body and even replace blood plasma in an emergency.

To give just one example of coconuts’ life-saving properties, they were used extensively in the Pacific during World War II. Since blood plasma supplies were scarce, it was very common for medics to siphon pure coconut water from young coconuts to be used as emergency plasma transfusions for soldiers who were injured. Since coconut water is nearly identical to human blood, it was suitable for people of all blood types. Wow! I had no idea!

This fruit is considered one of the most treasured foods of all time. Coconut flesh, coconut water, coconut oil, and coconut cream each deliver superb health benefits in different ways. It really is one stop shopping!

Coconut oil, for instance, is considered the best and safest oil to use for cooking — even superior to extra virgin olive oil when it comes to giving the body what it needs for optimum health. Unlike other fats and oils that we typically use for cooking and baking, coconut oil does not form polymerized oils or dangerous trans fatty acids in our bodies, which can raise our cholesterol levels; clog our arteries and even make our skin sag and wrinkle. It can also give your body important antioxidants that can help build stronger cells and improve your overall health and well-being. Best of all- you can use it in your bath!

Coconut water is excellent in providing hydration because it is  loaded with natural sterile electrolytes which feed your ph and help with muscle function. Read your label though, sometimes it can have additives that you don’t want.

This fruit is the perfect post-holiday indulgence to detox and balance out your body!

What is the best part? It is relatively inexpensive and available at any grocery store.

Try our Blonde Coconut Macaroons- they are terrific and available every week here at Cuisine for Healing.

Happy Healthy Living!



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  • Laura J. Weber says:

    Hi Dana,

    I recently read that coconut oil is a saturated fat and actually raises cholesterol levels. Are there any insights that you can offer as to why this is not the case?

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